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Quit Nicotine Peacefully

Circle - Rose Gold

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Introducing the tool that's helped thousands easily quit smoking/vaping and achieve the healthy, stress-free lifestyle they deserve.

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Your addiction cost you more than 2,300$ a year.

Our 30-Day Free Trial

We stand behind our product. Enjoy a 30-day free trial to ditch nicotine with our device.

Trusted By Thousands of Ex-Smokers

Effective and Economical

"To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from Circle, but it has proved surprisingly effective. My desire to smoke has diminished and I manage stress better. What’s more, the savings I’ve made on cigarettes and vaping are considerable. It’s a worthwhile investment for my health and my wallet."

87% of our customers said that their Circle had helped them considerably to quit smoking and vaping in the first 15 days.

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Blood pressure decreases with heart rate and shortness of breath improves.

Smoking & Vaping

Circle offers an alternative behavior that mimics the inhalation & exhalation pattern associated with vaping or smoking. This replaces the action of smoking with a healthier alternative.

Stress & Anxiety

Circle features a unique length & diameter which is proven to create resistance to the airflow, This helps to activate the body's relaxation response and help reduce stress and anxiety.

Kick Your Vape To The Curb

Tired of being stuck in the vaping trap?

Circle is your ticket to break free.

Imagine a world where you're not controlled by cravings, where every exhale helps you conquer that urge. It's not just a necklace - it's your partner in overcoming vaping, making each breath a step towards a healthier, vape-free life

“IT's Just a Metal Straw”

Circle is far more than a metal straw. It's an intricately designed stress relief tool.

It has been crafted to replicate the calming effect you get from smoking/vaping.

Increase focus, decrease stress and become the best version of you with our device!

Breathe Your Worries Away

Ever feel anxious or stressed Circle can help!

Imagine it as a breathing buddy that calms your mind. It teaches you to take slower and longer breaths, which makes you feel super chill. When anxiety strikes, just wear it, breathe, and let worries drift away.

"It's too expensive"

Save money by reducing nicotine use! Vaping costs around $646 per year. Imagine spending that on travel, treats, or savings instead.

Circle, made from ultra-strong, 100% safe materials, is your affordable, lifelong companion for calm whenever you need it. Invest in your health and future with Circle.

“Turn smoking habits into an effective tool to combat dependance”


Nicotine addiction has both physical and psychological aspects, with smoking or vaping often linked to stress relief. Circle device mimics the inhalation and exhalation patterns of vaping, offering a healthier behavior to replace the habit. It also aids in managing stress and anxiety, common triggers for nicotine cravings, thus helping to reduce the urge to smoke or vape when stressed.

Circle isn't just about deep breathing; it's about controlling your breath to create the perfect exhale, which activates the body's relaxation response by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. This leads to reduced heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormone levels. Circle also acts as a visual reminder whenever you feel the urge to vape or when stress levels rise, promoting a rhythmic breathing pattern that supports relaxation and mindfulness.

You might consider using a straw, but it's not as practical because of varying sizes and the tendency to get squashed in your pocket. Circle is designed with medical-grade stainless steel for safe daily use and engineered to the optimal tube length and diameter, triggering a physiological calm.

While many realize that slower breathing is relaxing, it's often challenging to maintain the correct pattern for maximum benefit. Circle is a tangible object that encourages the habit of slow breathing, guiding each breath and helping you achieve a state of zen.

Understanding skepticism is natural, especially when the solution seems simple. Circle has been thoughtfully designed, tested, and patented by a psychotherapist, backed by proven data on how breathing affects the mind. It helps you access longer exhales more frequently, which is beneficial for habitual better breathing, as short inhales can trigger 'fight or flight' mode, and longer exhales can induce relaxation.


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